About Us
We opened in 1954 with the hopes of building a friendly, successful business to be proud of.  Our goal was acheived in a few short years and we are now proudly serving many repeat customers.  For them, and you, we offer quality products, competitve prices and great overall value.
 We offer a wide variety of products including Chain link fence, farm fence, barbed wire, cattle / ranch and hog panels - standard and heavy duty, earth anchors, poultry netting, Red Top T-posts, electric fence items, hardware cloth, cardboard baling wire, nails, coarse screws, cage quality wire, Live Traps.       
(See specific items listed in our website)
 We offer a variety of quality name brands such as Bekaert / Gaucho, Keystone / Red Brand, Dare Product, Stelco nails, C.E. Shepard, Riverdale Mills, Jackson Wire, Cavert Wire.
On most items, we can offer low cost delivery in our local area.